No matter how talented or imaginative the artist, nothing compares to the beauty available in God’s natural creation. It’s ever changing and powerful, surprising and dangerous, yet overall, stable and predictable, welcoming and nourishing. The more we look at, investigate, and discover, the more the universe amazes us.

I’ve not posted in a long while as a few of you may have noticed. It has been a time of prayer and change, and more prayer and more change. I’ve prayed much about the direction this page should take and where God is leading me personally. I have been led to a personal place I thought I’d never see. A place of clarity and contentment, the peace of the Lord is with me most all the time. The direction of this page had become unclear to me as well until recently. Getting back to it will be a difficult undertaking, challenging my views, your views, and will be considered complete heresy by most traditional Christians.

I hope many of you will join me in this journey, whether you agree with anything I share or not. Our world is undergoing dramatic change and the old moors of religion are crumbling in the face of historical and scientific discovery. We must not bury our heads in the sand and wait for the world to wake up to a truth which has been tied to lies and misunderstandings for millennia. The structures that held the message of Christ throughout the last 2000 years are victims of their own success, bending to the world in a quest for popularity, all the while refusing to admit the mistakes of the past. In the coming articles there will be no attempt at keeping with traditional beliefs or practices, no worrying about ruffled feathers, and no filtering what I feel compelled to write.

Thank you for engaging, and please stay tuned…

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