Blessed shall be he who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rocks!

There is a lot of killing in the Old Testament of the Bible. Entire groups of people are slaughtered, down to the last man, woman and child, at the direction of a supposedly loving God. Even devout believers struggle to understand the kind of relentless violence commanded by God against the enemies of Israel, and the enthusiasm for killing taken by his executioners. The title of this post has given fodder to critics, as have many other Old Testament verses. Yes, I used it to get attention.

Nothing could be more grotesque and horrifying than to see someone take a baby and smash it against a rock until it dies, only to take another one and do the same, again and again. I shudder now as I imagine it. One can only expect the desire for revenge culminating in the image described at the end of this psalm was generated by the memory of exactly this sort of scene playing out against the enemies of Israel. Many groups were exterminated by God’s command down to the last child to prevent them from reverting to practices of their lineage such as child sacrifice. I’m not going to get into the Biblical theological arguments here. This is about people killing babies in our time.

You can try to distance yourself from the facts all you want to, but there is little to no difference between the results of a medical abortion and dashing little ones on the rocks. Either results in the death of a child unable to defend itself. “The world already has too many orphaned, abused and neglected children, no one person or group of people should be able to tell another person or group of people what they can or can’t do with their own body, and the baby showed signs of abnormality or presented serious risk to the mother.” These have been the predominant arguments given for killing babies for the last few decades. So the inferences are “they’re better off never being born”, “personal freedom is the most important thing”, and “we can predict the future scientifically and this will be for the best” respectively. Somehow killing babies is perfectly acceptable to many, so long as the child was never seen before you commit to doing it. The only perceivable differences between abortion and swinging them by the ankle to bust their head open on a rock would be motive, cleanliness and actually seeing the baby or not.

None of these arguments could be or has been used effectively on any other subject relating to taking a human life that I can think of. In fact it seems quite the opposite is true. The selfish and self righteous nature of each of these arguments would automatically discredit them if applied to say killing all the kids in orphanages or foster care along with all those who have emotional scars from a rough childhood, you know, for their own good. Or, killing everyone who we perceive as presenting an obstacle to freely pursuing our overall life goals. What about killing everyone who has genetic markers for cancer, they’re just going to suffer anyway? They just don’t make sense.

People are born every day with disabilities and deformities, or suffer injuries of all kinds and families spend millions of dollars so they can live and be comfortable or to get them to live just a little longer. The number and scope of accomplishments orphans and those with difficult childhoods and disabilities have contributed to the world is beyond measure. Very few people would ever actually kill anyone they ever met, or think it’s ok for others to kill someone else for any of the reasons given as arguments for abortion.

For a long time I was sort of “pro-choice” because I felt it wasn’t for me to decide for someone else. But I have seen the scars of regret in the eyes of women who said “it was the right choice.” I, and I like to think most people, would risk my own life for a child, any child. We have an incredibly long list of laws and standards of behavior, especially when it comes to killing people, and killing a child just seems that much more brutal and viscous. Accidents, unexpected events and mistakes happen in all kinds of ways, some have tragic consequences and some have wonderful outcomes. A created natural human life should be protected, and the loss of just 50 babies from abortion should be mourned as much and receive as much attention as a bus load of school kids going off a cliff, dashed on the rocks.

We’ve come to a point in our society where a young man smiling at an old man getting in his face is subject to physical threats and accusations against his character, based on the fact that he supports our elected president and doesn’t believe its ok to kill babies. I guess that shows the required level of depravity of a society who sacrifices their own children because they believe it will make their life better. It seems normal to us, how sad.

The free exercise of abortion for all intents and purposes is the same as child sacrifice. Its putting an end to a human life in hopes or expectations that you or the baby will be better off. Whether its Molech or Baal or faith in ourselves we place above the life of a child, it is wrong. Jesus is our sacrifice, God is satisfied and we need only believe to receive his grace, the only way to the happiness and harmony we claim to be seeking.

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