Sad Times


Photo: St Andrew’s – Mt. Pleasant Facebook page

Sunday morning, the ministry center for the church community I called home for seven years, who’s congregation prayed with and for me through some of the most difficult times of my life, the building I spent nearly three years, up until about 8 weeks ago, working to help coordinate and maintain, burned beyond repair. The exact cause has yet to be determined but is believed to be something electrical.

It wasn’t a hate crime or terrorists, it’s parishioners won’t be killed or sold into slavery. Insurance will cover the financial loss. Not one person got hurt in the fire or in the fight that extinguished it and saved the historic church building, mere feet away, from any harm. The loss is in the heart. The shock of seeing something you care about devastated by fire, the reaching in for the tattered remnants of things that look salvageable, often to find they’re not, it feels desperate and helpless. It’s saddening.

Despite the damage centered around it, the cross still stands, both literally and figuratively. Jesus promised difficult times and redemption. I’m reminded of the fragility and temporary nature of the material world, and the eternal and unchanging glory of God.

The good works of St. Andrew’s will continue and they will rebuild. I ask you to pray for the congregation and leadership of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church as they navigate the way forward.

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