A Normal Christian


I’m just a regular guy. Stop laughing. Ok, so I may not be your average guy in many respects. I’m taller than average, less patience than average, I have gray eyes, I’ve been told many times, “I’ve never met anyone quite like you.” Though I don’t know exactly what people mean by that, whether it’s good or bad, I take it as a compliment. I like to be seen as an individual, I think most people do. But if I take a look at my life, it’s much like the lives of countless others.

When I look at other people I tend to generalize, I think we all do to a certain degree. Not stereotyping or judging, just making associations, the kind I make about myself in seeing myself as regular guy. The more we get to know people the more individual they become as we discover the nuances that make them different than anyone else we’ve met. For years I had a general picture of a typical church going Christian, a sort of Ned Flanders type who in my eyes, was nothing like me.

Now I am a typical church going Christian. The more I get to know other church going Christians the less “Ned Flanders” they appear. I’d like to see pictures posted in the comments section from other individual but typical Christians doing things you do every day. Spend your week in a uniform? Let’s see it. Scrubs? Bring ‘em on. Filthy from head to toe and carrying a bit of an odor? Post with pride. The world needs reminded that Christians are just a bunch of individuals like them, made equal in the eyes of the Father by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

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